Iris Sung Managing Counsel, Regional Compliance

Iris Sung is the Managing Counsel, Regional Compliance for Intel. She is the regional representative of Intel Legal Compliance Group, and reports directly to Intel Chief Compliance Officer. She once served as an interim Head of the global Anti-Corruption Compliance team for 5 months since last year till early this year in addition to her role as Regional Compliance Counsel.

As Intel Regional Compliance Counsel, Iris oversees the anti-corruption and antitrust compliance program in the Greater Asia Region, including PRC, APAC and Japan. She is also responsible for the code of conduct matters, and leads all the legal-led investigations in the Region.

Iris was a private practitioner for almost 10 years before she started her regulatory and compliance profession by joining the enforcement agencies in Hong Kong respectively for privacy and sector-specific antitrust law enforcement around 2003. She then moved into in-house as compliance profession focusing on anti-corruption and antitrust compliance. She held several senior positions in these areas respectively in Nortel Networks and Tata Communications before joining Intel in 2011.

Iris has received education in Hong Kong and graduated from the Law Faculty of the University of Hong Kong. She has a master degree in Business Administration from the University of Warwick. She was admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong.