SESSION 1 | The Rising Risk Profile in APAC: Emerging Anti-Corruption and Bribery Concerns

Companies operating in APAC face a unique challenge in managing corruption risk in the region. This challenge begins with the varying risk profile of countries in the region. Japan and Singapore, for example, are developed nations perceived to be two of the least corrupt countries in the world, juxtaposed against newcomers to the global marketplace such as Myanmar where the perceived corruption risk is much higher, but companies are eager to make foreign investment. In the middle are rising economic powerhouses, like China and Indonesia, with moderate perceived corruption risk, but where multinational companies still struggle to navigate the myriad of ways that corruption occurs. Compounding the challenge is the changing regulatory landscape in the region, where local anti-corruption laws are not always in sync with (and may contradict in some instances) the more robust laws to which many multinational companies operating in the region are more attuned to, including the FCPA and UKBA. Finally, add to this diversity of cultural and social norms across the region and that many parts of the region are remote, making it difficult to know what’s really going on in the operations that creates risk. This panel will explore the latest region-specific corruption risks, schemes and misconduct, as well as the implications of continuing enforcement from regulators and organizations around the world on the need to continue to meet high standards in anti-corruption compliance.


  • Beth Junell, Senior Managing Director, Forensic & Litigation Consulting , FTI Consulting
    • Panel

      • Paul Fredrick, General Counsel, East Asia & Japan, Schneider Electric
      • Duc Trang, Vice President, Legal & Government Affairs, Motorola Solutions