OPENING KEYNOTE | Corporate Governance and the Challenges of Global Board Engagement

Good corporate governance is essential for any company to experience sustained success and the proper duty of care the company owes both internal and external stakeholders.  The board of directors and senior management are largely responsible for this function, but governance has taken on a tremendous array of increased oversight and function.  Boards are increasingly looking for more data-driven metrics to drive the dialogue to add more substance to conversations around compliance and ethics.  What are the best practices to achieve this in light of the constant and shifting challenges companies are facing in the complex global business environment?  This session will highlight effective communication strategies, emerging governance practices, and the ways in which leaders can support the board and executive management in order to raise the profile of corporate integrity worldwide.


  • Stefan Linssen, Chief Content Officer, Ethisphere
    • Panel

      • Shailesh Rao, Member of the Board of Directors, JLL